Ten things Google wants to tell you about Sweden

Google's search engines have a habit of trying to finish your sentences, but what do their predictive algorithms have to say about Sweden and the Swedes? We've collected some of our favourites.

Ten things Google wants to tell you about Sweden
What does Google have to say about Joey Tempest, Elin Nordegren, and Sweden? File photos: TT; AP
We've all been there. A quick Google search about something offers up an unusual pre-emptive search on the same topic.
Type "How to make…" into Google, and immediately you're given several options such as "money", "pancakes" or … "jello shots".
But what happens when you start searching "Why are Swedes so…" or "Why is Sweden…" or "How do Swedes?"
Click on the map below to see what Google tries to tell us about Sweden
And what do the results say about Sweden?
For example, if you type "How do Swedes", Google's auto-complete function comes up with "pronounce Ikea", "heat their homes" and "drink coffee." If you type in "Why do Swedish" you get "doors open outwards".
There's hours of entertainment to be had, but never fear, we've condensed it all down to the best ten predictive searches
Incidentally, none of those mentioned above feature in the list.
But we are wondering about the doors now.
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