Moderates slammed for sending voting ‘advice’

Moderates slammed for sending voting 'advice'
Moderate Party representatives in Stockholm have been slammed after warning public sector healthcare workers they could risk losing their jobs if the opposition Social Democrats win the next election.
The information came in the form of an open letter, written by Kristoffer Tamson of the Stockholm Moderate Party, who warned the 500 juniors working within the county council health system that they could lose their jobs if the opposition Social Democrats win the election in September.
It came as a response to a proposal from Sweden's main opposition party to increase employer fees for all employees under the age of 25. With such a change and with a left wing government in power, the letter read, 500 young employees could risk getting the sack. 
"These are people made of flesh and blood behind these figures," the letter read.
"Don't vote away the young workers of health care."
Jens Sjöström, involved in health care for the Social Democrats, said the letter was "distasteful".
"Instead of taking political responsibility for the health care crisis the Moderates are trying to scare young people with empty threats," he told the Metro newspaper on Monday.
The County Council is responsible for all publicly-financed healthcare and public transport in Stockholm County. As a healthcare provider, it offers everything from telephone advice to advanced specialist care at university hospitals.
The news comes just weeks after the fast food chain Max found itself in hot water after management penned a letter to young employees hinting that their jobs may be on the line if the Social Democrats win the election in September.

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