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Five top urban designs to spice up Sweden

Five top urban designs to spice up Sweden
A public swivel bench and a heart-shaped bike stand. Photos: Haggs, Lappset
Last time you got stuck waiting for a train did you even notice what chair you were sitting on to while the minutes, or hours, away? Probably not. Public design does not have to be so anonymous, argues design writer Angeline Eriksson.

Urban furniture design is the stuff that surrounds us every day. Much of it goes by unnoticed. It’s the furniture and the props we see in parks, train stations or schools, and consists of garbage cans, benches, or say,  mail boxes, for example.

It is also the stuff that 99 percent of us have absolutely no say over, unless the municipal or city district politicians you elected are particularly sensitive to your design preferences. Nag the members of your local environmental committee (miljönämnden) if you want to be kept updated about upgrade plans near you. 

Sweden is known for fantastic and innovative design and this year at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair the best of the best came out to showcase why Sweden and Scandinavia are still the ones to beat. 

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On Saturday February 8th, the fair at Älvsjömässan in southern Stockholm will also open to the public, so grab your inspiration goggles and get awandering. The commuter trains heading south from Centralen will take you there. 


Angeline Eriksson

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