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Five best Scandinavian designs for children

Five best Scandinavian designs for children
You can take a kid out of Moomin Valley, but never Moomin Valley out of the kid.
If Swedish society cherishes every child and the right to education and healthcare, the country's designers aren't far behind in caring for the needs of kids, and their parents, argues design writer Angeline Eriksson.
Don’t they say that Sweden is one of the best places to be a kid? With health and dental completely covered and regular school starting at six or seven years old, as opposed to three years in France and four years in North America, Sweden does seem to cherish childhood. The world of design is no exception. 
Of course, Sweden isn't alone in the Nordic region for producing great designs, as the gallery above demonstrates. 
Anyone looking for more hot designs may want to stroll over to the Stockholmsmässan in Alvsjö, which hosts the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. The fair opens to the public on Saturday February 8th, allowing Scandinavia’s top designers to showcase how they will shape the world for the little ones.
Angeline Eriksson

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