Truck driver achieves rare drunk driving double

Truck driver achieves rare drunk driving double
File photo: TT
One drunken driving citation didn't faze a beer-loving trucker in western Sweden, who opted to stay on the road and crack open a few more.

The trucker's legal troubles began when he was stopped on Monday at a police checkpoint on the E20 motorway outside of Alingsås. Police found four empty beer cans in the cab. A breath test revealed that the man was over the legal limit, Sveriges Radio (SR) reported.

The trucker was promptly fined 4,000 kronor ($620) and had his licence revoked.

Despite the midday run-in with the law, the trucker remained determined to reach the ferry home to Tallinn. But at 11pm that evening, concerned motorists on the E20 called the police to report a truck that was being driven erratically.

Police pulled over the truck only to find the same truck driver that they had stopped just hours before behind the wheel.

After finding that the man had a blood alcohol level of 1.5 per mille, more than seven times the legal limit, police took the Estonian truck driver in for questioning. The man explained that after being stopped the first time, he decided to down three or four more beers in order to stay sharp. The alcohol, he claimed, did not adversely affect his driving.

Police were not swayed by the trucker's claims, however. He has since been charged for aggravated drunken driving and for driving without a licence and is due to appear at the Skaraborg District Court on Friday.

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