Immigrants behind boom in Sweden’s population

Immigrants behind boom in Sweden's population
A crowd on Stockholm's Drottningsgatan. Photo: Caroline Tibell/TT
The population of Sweden saw the biggest yearly increase in 70 years last year, according to new statistics, thanks largely to the almost 120,000 immigrants who arrived throughout the year.
Sweden's population on the last day of 2013 was 9,644,864 – a 0.93 percent hike from 2012. The total increase was the largest since 1946, and statisticians at Statistics Sweden (Statistiska centralbyrån – SCB) marked it down to a record-high level of immigration. 
In total, 115,845 immigrants arrived in Sweden in 2013, many from Syria and Somalia. The figure is the highest Sweden has ever had in a one-year period. The men outnumbered the women by around 5,000. 
With births, deaths, and emigration also accounted for, Sweden's population increased by almost 89,000 people, 40,519 of whom were women and 48,452 of whom were men. 
Population growth in Sweden between 1900 and 2013
(Total in red, men in green, and women in purple)
The statisticians also revealed that 113,593 children were born in Sweden during 2013, with April 11th being the most popular birthday, with 393 children born on that day.

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