Swedes react to new baby princess name

Amelia, Beatrice, Astrid... and top dog Desirée. None of these princess baby name predictions stuck, however. But what did Average Sven think of the name? And what about you?

Swedes react to new baby princess name
A Swedish father gives his view on the name of the princess. Photo: Linnea Järkstig/TT

The society gossip magazine Svensk Damtidning had many potential names in circulation ahead of Wednesday's council ceremony. The magazine's reporter at the palace told The Local that their entire editorial team had placed money on their bets. That journalist, incidentally, had not chosen the right name. Neither had The Local, which in December predicted that Princess Madeleine would pick the name Adele for her first child. 

Instead, the child was revealed not only to be an official princess, and thus with a long shot at the Swedish throne, but was given the title Duchess of Gotland. Her name was revealed to be Leonore Lilian Maria. 

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Svensk Damtidning on Thursday asked its readers what they thought of the name. Four percent said they were "surprised" by the choice, while three percent said they were sympathetic to Princess Madeleine and her American husband Chris O'Neill choosing a name that worked abroad. 

Fourteen percent of respondents said the main thing was that the parents were happy with the name, a view also expressed by Stockholmers on Wednesday when asked about Princess Leonore. 

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But what about the Swedes in Stockholm? Click here to see what they had to say about the choice. And leave your own comments below.

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