Two men caught drunk driving in same car

Two men caught drunk driving in same car
Two Swedish men are suspected of aggravated drunk driving after police pulled them both over in the same car within the same hour.
Police pulled over a man in his fifties on Thursday night in Hagfors, central Sweden. They breathalyzed him after he showed signs of being drunk.
The man recorded a blood alcohol content of 1.1 promille, more than five times over Sweden's legal limit of 0.2 promille, reported the Nya Wermlands Tidning newspaper (NWT).
The driver was taken away and frisked by police, while his passenger was left on the scene.
Less than an hour later, however, police were alerted that an "out of control" vehicle had been seen leaving the same area at high speeds.  Shortly after, police pulled the same vehicle over again and found the 30-year-old passenger was now behind the wheel.
His blood alcohol content was measured as 2.02 promille, more than ten times over Sweden's legal limit. 
Both men are now suspected of aggravated drunk driving, wrote NWT.

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