Border guards ‘seasick’ at Stockholm airport

Border security staff at Stockholm's Arlanda airport have complained of feeling seasick after modifications to a passport control centre left them trembling in their boots.

Border guards 'seasick' at Stockholm airport
Arlanda airport control tower. File photo: Fredrik Sjöberg/Flickr
With construction work at Arlanda's terminal two now complete, border security guards have noticed strong vibrations every time passengers disembark from a plane and file through passport control.
"When people start walking through, the whole thing shakes so much that you get seasick," passport checker Patrik Häger told The Local. 
And Häger isn't the only one to notice, admitting that other colleagues at the terminal have also reported feeling queasy during shifts. They have now have filed a report.
Klas Nilsson, spokesman for airport managers Swedavia, was not yet informed of the report, but told the Metro newspaper that it was "obviously something we have to look into". 
For now, Häger and his colleagues can only take solace in the fact that they never spend a full shift at the trembling terminal.
Border security workers at Arlanda spend anywhere from an hour to three hours at each post, before switching to passport control centres at any of the other four terminals. 
As to whether he's the only person to have ever complained of seasickness at an airport, Häger can only chuckle.
"Well, there is a bunch of us here getting seasick, but who knows, perhaps it's happening elsewhere in the world."

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