Learning Swedish the easy way

As an expatriate - or future expatriate - in Sweden, learning the language is probably one of the first issues you have had to deal with when preparing your departure. Indeed, there is every chance that, at the time of departure, you will have no or hardly any knowledge of Swedish.

Learning Swedish the easy way
And for a good reason: as Swedish is neither famous for being easy nor for being widely spoken outside of Sweden, you might be tempted to settle for English. 

English, the international, the universal language, understood by all and spoken by all… the prospect may seem attractive, but sticking to English is risky. While some people assume that the “job” of an expatriate boils down to finding work and a place to live, this is far from the truth. Settling abroad for a long time doesn’t only mean getting an apartment and a job and calling one’s family back home once a week, as you have always done. Moving to a foreign country implies immersing yourself in it, getting involved in the local and national culture in order to fit in. And what is the basis of integration? The language, of course. As a link to culture, dialogue, encounters… and a way to get people to trust you. Speaking the local language is therefore the key to a successful business, following the principle of exchanging and sharing.

Of course, at first sight, learning Swedish might seem a daunting task. Considered complicated and boring, Swedish is, however, a language like any other, a language that anyone is able to learn as long as they are ready and motivated… and as long as they take quality Swedish courses!

Studying Swedish? I can already hear your objections: “Studying Swedish is useless. I can speak English and as for Swedish, I am going to drop into the nearest bar, right below my apartment to meet local people and get to know the language and culture better over a glass of aquavit.”

However attractive this might seem, you should consider this: although situations of everyday life, professional relationships and even administrative tasks are as many opportunities to practise Swedish, and although this daily practice will allow you to acquire useful bases and learn idiomatic expressions, it cannot– and never will – replace intensive courses in total immersion taught by qualified teachers (And you have to admit that a bar isn’t exactly the best place for learning business Swedish…).

There is a solution that combines both approaches (Swedish lifestyle and language course): learning Swedish in the teacher's home through intensive business-oriented Swedish courses. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to benefit from an effective methodology with clear objectives and qualified teachers recognized by quality control organisations. Your best bet is to book your stay with a certified organisation, specialised in the organisation of long-term language travels and courses around the world… including, of course, in Sweden!

Among the plethora of organisations that provide these kind of services, Swiss agency ESL – Language Studies Abroad has, with 15 years’ experience in the sector, a stellar reputation among language learners.

ESL – Language Studies Abroad is an agency like no other. It does not just offer attractive holidays. Instead, it has specialised in the organisation of language courses abroad for example, language courses in Sweden and offers (for instance) a language school in the teacher's home, HLI – It is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the country at your own pace while enjoying tailor-made business-oriented tuition, adapted to your specific objectives.

Here is the concept: before your professional stay, you go and live directly in your teacher’s home for several weeks. Thus, you get the best of both worlds: daily life in an authentic Swedish family AND intensive language tuition, taught by a qualified teacher. The advantages of this type of programme are various and varied, especially for professionals: possibility to choose the place of stay, personalised language programme, choice of the intensity and content (ideal for people who need to acquire language skills specific to their field of activity), immersion in the Swedish lifestyle (meal at the teacher’s, outings, readings, etc.) and exclusivity (you are your teacher’s only student during the entire duration of your stay). In this way, you won’t get a chance to break character and speak English or your mother tongue. Which is a considerable asset if you want to learn the language in the best conditions.

Based in Montreux, Switzerland, ESL has an office in Göteborg. For 15 years, it has been providing courses for adults, executives and professionals wishing to improve their knowledge of Swedish in Sweden with an entirely personalised programme. Finally, ESL was elected best agency in Europe by its peers in 2010 during the LTM Star Awards ceremony in London – a prestigious ceremony that recognizes the best language travel agencies in the world. In case it wasn’t clear already, this recognition is yet another proof of ESL’s competence and dedication to its clients.

This article was produced by The Local and sponsored by ESL

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