Is Stockholm shopping any good, really?

PICTURES: Swedish high-end fashion has a reputation for edgy minimalism, but what about everyday shopping in the capital? The Local's Deepti Vashisht hit the streets of Stockholm to find out where to go.

Is Stockholm shopping any good, really?
Looking fab in the shopping throng. Photo: Deepti Vashisht/The Local
Yes, yes, yes…. Altewai Saome stuns Mercedes Benz Stockholm Fashion Week. But you'd look like a martian running the New York Marathon if you wore their dress for real. Sure, sure, sure, Odd Molly is da bomb… until you realize every upper middle-class soccer mum in the capital is sporting the same crocheted blazer.
And yes, of course, let's not forget our feline friends over at Tiger of Sweden. Until you sober up and accept that their designs are really quite as dull as they are expensive.
So that's Swedish high-end fashion muddied, sullied, and slandered… let's go down to main street. 
If you've got a normal-sized wallet and normal needs to look proper and nice at work, where do you go? In Stockholm, the main drags Drottninggatan, Kungsgatan, or the malls Gallerian and Kista Galleria are obvious candidates, but where does Average Sven shop? 
We talked to a handful of Swedes and tourists about their experiences and found out their recommendations. 
While many complained of the prices and the lack of colours, others seemed to confirm that Stockholm deserves its place as one of Europe's top destinations for a good shop.
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