Clocks spring forward for summer time

Clocks spring forward for summer time
Sweden switches over to summer time in the early hours of Sunday morning when the clocks move forward an hour from 2am to 3am.

Spring forward, fall back. It's that time of year again when we all lose an hour in bed due to daylight savings time marking the start of summer. 

Swedes have been turning their clocks forward an hour since 1980. Back in 1916 the country experimented with summer time but after reports from farmers, who claimed it was harder to milk their cows, the time switch was put on hiatus.

Since 1997 all EU countries change to daylight savings at the same time on the last Sunday in March.

The switch means that Swedes will enjoy brighter evenings throughout the summer months.

In 2008 a Swedish study revealed that there was a five percent increase in heart attacks in the week after the clocks went forward an hour.

Famous Swedish author Bengt af Klintberg told the Expressen newspaper that despite early reservations, his compatriots have embraced the time change.

"Now I think that most in Sweden think that summer time is good. During the last century we have shifted the time. Before, we turned in early and got up early but not today. For example, I rarely go to bed before midnight," he said.

Summer time will begin at 2am on Sunday morning when the clocks move forward to 3am. The clocks will go back for winter time on October 26th.  

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