The Local’s religion in Sweden interview series

In a series of profiles, Swedes who have converted to Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism, and Judaism tell The Local's Ann Törnkvist what prompted their decisions.

The Local's religion in Sweden interview series

Teen Muslim convert defies atheist parents

In the first of a series of interviews with religious converts in Sweden, The Local speaks with Jenny, 20, about choosing Islam, feeling like a coward, and why she didn't invite her parents to the most important event of her life. 

Bible-belt Buddhist no "zen superhero"

Raised with evening prayers, Martin became a vegetarian atheist before finding Buddhism. The most common misconception? That he's a monk, or that he has "tricks to not feeling bad".

Swedish prejudice baffles Catholic convert

Former flower-power commune resident Rebecka tells The Local how a near-death experience propelled her into the arms of monks, and why Swedes are taught to distrust Catholics.

Jewish convert fears Sweden Democrat surge

"My mother asked why I'd join a community that is so persecuted," Jewish convert Eva tells The Local in our final article on religious choice in Sweden.

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