What do Danes really think about the Swedes?

We've all heard the stereotypes about the Swedes, but what do Sweden's neighbours think? On a recent trip to Copenhagen, The Local hit the streets to learn exactly what Danes think about their neighbours to the east.

What do Danes really think about the Swedes?
Michaela admits she prefers the Swedish language, even though she can't understand it. Photo: Oliver Gee

Swedes all eat meatballs and love Abba. This is the kind of thing you'd likely hear if you ask a foreigner what they know about Swedish people. But if you ask someone closer to home, a Dane for example, you're more likely to get a more reasoned answer. 

IN PICTURES: Danes share their thoughts about the Swedes

And who better to sound off about Swedes than people from Denmark, a country that that has fought 11 wars with Sweden over the past 500 years (and let's not forget there's been peace for the last 200).

Today, the countries are closer than ever, especially since the Öresund bridge was opened in 2000, joining together Malmö and Copenhagen.

Crossing the bridge for a sunny weekend, The Local took the chance to ask Danes what they thought about Swedes. And some of the answers were quite surprising.

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