‘All 3,000 beers were for me’: nabbed smuggler

'All 3,000 beers were for me': nabbed smuggler
File photo: Sean/Flickr
A suspected smuggler who managed to hoodwink Swedish customs but later ran into two officers on the highway has claimed in his defence that he was going to drink the several thousand litres of beer all by himself.

The man had brought 250 litres of alcohol, 3,400 litres of beer, and 150 cartons of cigarettes into Sweden without having his eyebrow-raising cargo discovered, but drove into a spot of bother once he made it onto the E6 motorway in southern Sweden.

Between the towns of Landskrona and Helsingborg, the man found himself with a tail – two customs officials who by coincidence drove up behind him and noticed that the van was weighed down considerably.

A search revealed copious amounts of liquor.

The man claimed that he intended to drink and to smoke all of his stash by himself, but nonetheless the Swedish police now suspect him of smuggling, duty officer Christer Kriegh told the TT news agency.

The man would have to drink in excess of nine beers a day for a year to guzzle his cargo.