‘Parents’ threaten school head over immigrant kids

Irate parents have emailed an anonymous murder threat to an "Arab-loving" Swedish school principal, after he split the seventh grade into smaller groups of students to welcome immigrant pupils.

'Parents' threaten school head over immigrant kids
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"You damn nigger- and Arab-lover, you're giving everything to the foreigners and don't give a sh** about our children," said an email signed only by "Parents". The threatening correspondence landed in a small-town school principal's inbox last week. 

Bengt-Ove Eriksson didn't think much of it at first, he told Sveriges Television (SVT), but later started to feel uneasy, as the angry email mentioned his family and his home. 

The issue at stake was the Lessebo junior high school's decision to split seventh-grade students into four groups, rather than three, in an effort to accommodate a higher-than expected influx of immigrant children. 

"To make three classes with 30 students into four classes with 20 students is fundamentally something positive," Eriksson pointed out in his interview with SVT.

He said he did not think the anonymous letter, which contained a murder threat, represented the feelings of most of his students and their parents. 

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