The Local’s tenth birthday on the horizon

The Local's tenth birthday on the horizon

Greetings Local readers!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are soon to celebrate our tenth birthday. Time flies, eh?

Anyway, we're putting together a few things to mark the occasion – and one of them involves you guys, our readers.

We're looking for "The Local stories" – people whose lives were somehow changed thanks to The Local. We've heard in the past that married couples met on the forums, or that an interview changed someone's life somehow, or that people found a job through our job postings… etc etc.

We even heard that a very prominent Swede learnt English from our site, but we're not naming names (at least not yet).

Ideally, we want to know if and how we contributed to making your life more pleasant in some way. Hey, even if you just have something nice to say about us we'd love to hear it too (it is our birthday after all).

So, if you think you have something to share, fire over an email to [email protected] and we'll get back to you for more information.

In the mean time, thanks to all of you who through your readership have allowed us to keep going and keep growing. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.