‘Day-care rapist’ pegged in new assault case

'Day-care rapist' pegged in new assault case
Photo: TT
Police filed a new case of sexual assault against a 21-year-old man who was working as an intern at a day care in southern Sweden. He is now facing 16 cases of sexual crimes against children.
The new report came through from the Kalmar police on Friday, taking the accused rapist's tally of reported offences to sixteen, the vast majority of which occured on school grounds. Two of the assaults took place outside of the day care.
Friday's reort was labelled as aggravated sexual assault towards a child, who was reported to be between the ages of two and six.
The man, who is currently detained by police, confessed in April to all the implicated sex crimes against eight children.
The suspect, however, said he did not consider the crimes to amount to aggravated assault.
He is now suspected of seven cases of aggravated child rape, seven cases of aggravated sexual assault against children, and three cases of molesting children.
The case in Kalmar, in southern Sweden, has made waves across the country this month.
The day care came under fire earlier this month for not informing parents when the case morphed into a multiple-assault investigation. The parents were told that there were nine suspected cases a day after the prosecutor announced the broadened investigation.
"It's possible that we could have sent out more information about what support the municipality and the county could offer," local school and social affairs spokesman Anders Johansson told the TT news agency at the time. "But we're very thorough with offering support to everyone who has asked for it."