Swede raises runestone memorial to dead wife

Swede raises runestone memorial to dead wife
The Jelling stones which sparked the runestone trend in Scandinavia. Photo: Wikimedia
A lovestruck 81-year-old Swede decided that his deceased wife was worthy of a monument to remember, placing an 850 kilogramme runestone in her honour at the family farm in northern Sweden.
While mourning the loss of his wife Tyra, 81-year-old Ingemar Fällman from Lögdeå outside Nordmaling in northern Sweden, decided that a little less conversation and a little more action was what he needed.
Fällman concluded that his wife was worthy of a monument to remember and he set about erecting an 850 kilogramme runestone on his farm. 
"It was just as I had imagined it, it is straight and impressive, and the angle to the wall is ideal," he told the local Västerbotten Kuriren daily.
Fällman has engraved the stone with text in rune script with the help of a humble hammer and chisel, but declined to reveal the message he had left for his departed loved one.
Most of the runestones in Scandinavia date from the Viking Age. The tradition of inscribing boulders with runic text began in the 4th century and fell out of fashion sometime in the 12th century. Runestones are commonly memorials to deceased men.

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