Immigration to Sweden

Sweden boasts ‘net profit of immigrant talent’

Sweden boasts 'net profit of immigrant talent'
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Sweden last year attracted more talent than it lost, with engineers topping the table of immigrants. In Europe, the biggest influx of professionals was to Germany, but a Middle Eastern country outperformed all surveyed markets.

Professional networking site LinkedIn took a better look at its members in a selection of 20 countries to analyze their migration. 

"This mobility of professional talent can tell us a great deal about the state of economic opportunity and the health of the global economy," spokeswoman Lindsey Ahearne said in a statement. 

The aim was, she said,  "to see which were the overall winners and losers of talent in 2013.

Last year, Sweden saw immigration outperform emigration – putting it among the countries who saw a "net profit of talent".

But at a slim 0.1 percent net gain, Sweden hovered just above the Netherlands which saw plus minus zero results in 2013. And Sweden was nowhere near the top dog, the United Arab Emirates, which had a 1.4 percent net gain.

Engineers were top of the list of professionals leaving Sweden, followed by publishers, people working in politics, then in sales, and finally professionals in science-related industries.

Engineers also, however, moved to Sweden more than any other group of professionals. The top five list of professional sectors that saw an influx also included politics, sales, and publishing.

The immigrant list echoed the emigrant list apart from one category – many new arrivals to Sweden work in business and management. 

Spain was at the bottom of the surveyed countries, with a net loss of 0.3 percent. Twenty percent of emigrating Spaniards set sail for Latin America, but the majority – 60 percent – moved to other European countries. 

Germany appeared to be a preferred destination in Europe for professionals.

"Germany has achieved a net gain of 0.4 percent showing it is one of Europe’s strongest and most resilient economies," LinkedIn stated. "Our analysis indicates that over 60 percent of (LinkedIn) members moving to Germany in the past year came from another European country."


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