Odd wallpaper reveals teen Facebook flasher

A Swedish teen has been convicted for sending pictures of his genitals to classmates via a fake Facebook account. His victims recognized the social-media flasher's distinctive wallpaper, visible in the background.

Odd wallpaper reveals teen Facebook flasher
Another but unrelated example of distinctive wallpaper. File: Private
The 18-year-old man in Ljungby, southern Sweden set up a fake Facebook account which he used to send pictures of his genitals to at least 12 women, many of whom were friends from school. 
Some of his other friends had encouraged him to do so, after seeing a similar stunt on a television show, the regional Smålandsposten newspaper reported.
At least one of the victims, however, recognized the wallpaper behind the young man, as it matched wallpaper seen in an Instagram post. She made the connection between the two accounts, which led to the man being prosecuted.
He was convicted of sexual harassment and ordered to pay 5,000 kronor ($760) in damages to two of the women, whom he had also sent text messages of a sexual nature. He was sentenced to ungdomsvård, which means mandatory contact with social services rather than serving time. 
The incident marks the third time in a recent months when Facebook pictures have led to Swedish court cases. In December, a man was convicted for uploading nude pictures of his ex-girlfriend to her own page, and in October two teen girls were sentenced for posting pictures of another teen on her own account.

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