What do Swedes really think about Norwegians?

We've all heard the stereotypes about Norway, but who better than to comment than the Swedes? We asked ten Swedish people in Malmö what they truly think about their neighbours to the west.

What do Swedes really think about Norwegians?
"They celebrate life more than the Swedes do," says Malin.

Norway only borders three countries, and the longest border by a long way is that shared with Sweden. So, the Swedes should be able to provide some unique insight into these Nordic neighbours, right?

Something fresher than the stereotypes about oil wealth, life in wooden huts on beautiful fjords, and brightly coloured knitwear. Right?
Indeed, with comments on everything from their "cute accents" to them being the "Canadians of the Nordics", the Swedes share their thoughts.
And while we're talking cross-country comparisons, click here to see what the Danes really think of the Swedes.

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