Sweden prosecutes ‘Instagram drug pusher’

A Stockholm woman has been nabbed after police found pictures of marijuana on her Instagram account, images the police think were posted to act as adverts.

Sweden prosecutes 'Instagram drug pusher'
Marijuana. File photo: Manuel Martín Vicente/Flickr

A 23-year-old woman in Stockholm stands accused of using her Instagram account as a narcotics boutique, posting pictures of cannabis to the image-sharing site. She will now face charges of over 40 attempts to sell drugs.

"She has, for example, posted pictures of marijuana on scales and clearly showed that it was for sale," said police officer Fredrik Arnesson at the south Stockholm narcotics division.

The woman will also face charges in court that she sold cannabis some 20 times with the help of two other people. Many of their alleged clients were underage. 

"I think it's important that parents understand that young people can use social media to get hold of drugs. It doesn't require any special contacts, just an internet search," Arnesson told the TT news agency. 

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