Man jailed for life for killing kids in fire

Man jailed for life for killing kids in fire
A Swedish court on Monday sentenced a father to life in jail for murdering two of his children in a house fire meant to punish his former partner.

Three children were in the house when the fire started in Dalarö in September. One of them managed to escape and called the authorities. The other two, aged three and five, died in the blaze.

The children's father, who is in his forties, admitted to the murders in October last year.

On Monday, the court of appeals sentenced the man to life in prison. He was found guilty and sentenced for double homicide, one count of attempted murder, and aggravated arson.

A psychiatric evaluation determined that he was not mentally unstable at the time of the attack. The court noted that the attack was provoked solely by a desire for revenge against the children's mother.