Swedish school bans classmate photos

Swedish school bans classmate photos
Pictures with school friends are a thing of the past. Photo: Shutterstock
A school in central Sweden has banned all photography, expressing concern that pictures of classmates would be abused on social media.

Students at Histingstorpsskolan in Jönköping, central Sweden, have been forbidden from taking pictures of their classmates – even at class graduation. 

"When the kids are in school, the school is held responsible," school principal Catharina Bergelin told local paper Jönköpings Posten. "The children must feel safe here."

Bergelin said that pictures of classmates posted on social media sites may cause online bullying, which the school is aiming to prevent. While some agree, several parents have spoken out against the ban.

"Is it becoming like North Korea?" one bewildered parent wondered of the school and its rules. 

Another said that class pictures form her childhood were among the first things she would try to save from a fire. "It's sad that my kids aren't given the same opportunity to take pictures on school trips."

The school's end-of-year celebration is on Friday, but not even then will cameras be permitted.

"It might be impossible to stop all photography there," Bergelin said. "It's a dilemma. But we have parents who don't want their kids in any pictures at all."


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