Top ten: Odd Swedish Midsummer traditions

Top ten: Odd Swedish Midsummer traditions
Swedes sure know how to celebrate in unusual ways and Midsummer is no exception. From upside-down phallic worshipping to dancing like miniature amphibians, we gathered our favourite ten parts of Midsummer, and filmed Swedes explaining it all.

Imagine if an extra-terrestrial landed on earth in central Sweden on Midsummer's Day and waddled right into the middle of a traditional performance of "Små grodorna".

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For the uninitiated, Små grodorna (literally: The Small Frogs) is a Swedish Midsummer musical act that sees Swedes hopping around a maypole while singing about the frogs' anatomy in great and rather humiliating detail.

And that's just one part of it. If the alien hadn't left already, imagine their surprise at the rest.

Keen to learn more? Read our top ten list here. Or, if you're more of a moving picture kind of news reader, why not watch our video (below) from when Oliver Gee took to the streets of Stockholm with a video camera to find out more.

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