Swedish police: ‘We’re sweaty all the time’

Swedish police: 'We're sweaty all the time'
Swedish cops are unhappy with the heat. Photo: Håkan Dahlström/Flickr
Swedish weather agencies say the summer's warmest day is yet to come, but police in the north have decided that they can't take the heat - and filed a report about the own stifling police station.

"It's far too hot in the building," policewoman Maria Lestander wrote in an official report to her employer regarding work conditions at the station in Arvidsjaur, northern Sweden.

Her office was 26C on July 15th – before the "heatwave" struck. In the employee entrance temperatures reached 33. Following the recent highs, the situation has now become even worse.

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Lestander suspected the station has a ventilation problem, with the merging of the fire and police stations causing an unbalance in the capacity in the system.

"That's what we want investigated," Lestander told newspaper Dagens Nyheter. "We're sweaty all the time."

There was furthermore no relief to be had even at night with Thursday night temperatures climbing to  over 20C in many parts of the country, leading to some sweaty Swedes to call it "tropical".

Passengers are meanwhile groaning on buses with no air conditioning, and the weather agency (SMHI) has maintained its  'extreme' heat warning.

Despite the recent spate of record highs, SMHI said Friday or Saturday may be the warmest day yet.

"Right now the season high is 33.4," meteorologist Sandra Andersson told news agency TT. That temperature was measured on July 23rd, but meteorologists would not be surprised to see a new high.

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Those longing for a breath of cool, fresh air have to hold out until Sunday.

"From Sunday and on it will be generally cooler throughout the country," Andersson said. "It won't be cold, but at least the temperatures will be lower."

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