Cops find 15kg cocaine stash in woman’s car

A 35-year-old woman faces charges for aggravated narcotic crimes after police found 15 kilogrammes of unusually high-concentrated cocaine in her car.

Cops find 15kg cocaine stash in woman's car

Police in Alingsås, a town near Gothenburg, stopped the woman in her car in March earlier this year. They found 15.2 kilogrammes of cocaine in her trunk, and upon further examination they discovered that the drugs were remarkably pure – with 75 percent concentration of cocaine hydrochloride.

The concentration of the narcotics meant they had an even higher street value, estimated at a worth of 45 million kronor ($6.58 million). 

"Normally the concentration is about 25 percent," Gothenburg prosecutor Anette Wiberg-Koffner told newspaper GT.  

During her trial the woman said she had been on the way to Stockholm, where she was to leave the bag with a friend. But she denies the crime.

"She didn't know it was cocaine," the woman's lawyer, Magnus Johansson, stated. "She picked up a bag she didn't know contained drugs."

The woman claimed she thought she was delivering clothing. 

The woman's lawyer said she "didn't dare" reveal who had given her the assignment.

"She doesn't win anything from telling, but she risks a lot."  

The prosecutor said she is "certain" that an organized drug network was behind the narcotics, and that the 35-year-old is the carrier. 

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