Salmonella prompts Coop hamburger recall

Swedish supermarket chain Coop has recalled its in-store brand of fresh hamburger meat after a routine check revealed traces of salmonella in the meat.

Salmonella prompts Coop hamburger recall
Photo: Jim Cole/TT

Coop halted sales of its hamburger meat on Wednesday evening. The recall applies to Coop Hamburger 10×113 grammes, 4×113 grammes and 2×113 grammes, Coop Miniburger 8×56,5 grammes and Coop Megaburger 2×170 grammes.

The affected meat has been sold throughout Sweden and has a best-before date of August 5th, 2014. 

Supermarket chain Lidl has also stopped hamburger sales by the Svea Lantkött brand, after meat supplier Scan stated that the packages may contain salmonella.

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