Löfven pushes for trainee jobs in elderly care

The Social Democrats have proposed a multi-billion kronor injection into elderly and disabled care by creating a trainee scheme for unemployed youths.

Löfven pushes for trainee jobs in elderly care
The party announced plans on Monday to inject an annual 2.8 billion kronor ($407 million) in an effort to employ 20,000 young people in care for the elderly and disabled.
The scheme will be fully state-subsidized and will follow workplace agreements.
Those working in the trainee scheme would be given a one-year post, during which they would work 75 percent of the time with the rest of their time taken up by mentoring and education in the healthcare field. 
Party leader Stefan Löfven said that such a move could potentially solve three problems: the lack of workers in elderly care, youth unemployment, and generational shift. 
"It's important to recognize the generational shift that we're facing," he said.
"We have a large number of older people working in elderly care who will be leaving in the coming years, taking their knowledge and experience with them. It's important we get the young people in. We already know they want to work in the welfare sector."
Those who have finished high school and have been unemployed for more than 90 days are eligible for the scheme. 

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