Swedish woman nabbed for imitating gangster

A Swede was at the end of her rope when her sister didn't pay back a loan - so she pretended to be a Bandidos gangster and began sending anonymous threats.

Swedish woman nabbed for imitating gangster
Real Bandidos, unlike the one in the story. Photo: Mark Baker/TT

A 23-year-old woman in Kristianstad, southern Sweden, was tired of nagging her sister about paying her back for a loan. 

So she resorted to extreme measures – and created a fake Facebook account and pretended to be a member of the criminal Bandidos gang. 

"Hey. I work for the Bandidos," the woman wrote to her sister, local paper Kristianstadsbladet reported.

"You have a sister you have thrown into serious debt, and she has sold the debts to us. Now our job is to collect. Next week on Saturday we will come to your house, and if you don't have the money will take whatever we need to."

Not sure if she was driving the message home, the woman also sent multiple text messages to her sister, threatening both her and her children. 

The woman's sister reported the frightening messages to police – who traced the number and revealed it was a family matter. 

The woman is now being charged for her threats. 

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