Sweden braces for first snowfall

No sooner have Swedes packed up their deck-chairs, closed up their cabins and returned to the cities than the first snow is set to fall, according to a fresh weather forecast on Friday.

Sweden braces for first snowfall
Photo: Nokkonen
Swedish weather agency SMHI predicts that that the first snowfalls of the season will arrive during Friday night as the plunging mercury turns rainfall over the Lapland highlands into the white fluffy stuff.
"It may seem early but it is not unusual for the first snow this time of year in these parts," said Linnea Rehn, meteorologist at SMHI. 

While the snow may be reserved for the Arctic north, the remainder of the country can look forward to decidedly autumnal weather in the coming days, according to the SMHI forecast. 

"It will be a little cooler and more unstable weather. On Sunday, we will get a rain front that will pull across the country so it can feel quite autumnal," Rahn said.

Temperatures are expected to be between 15 and 20C in the north of Sweden and around the 20C in Svealand and Götaland in central areas.

If you are feeling a little melancholy at the impending march of winter, spare a thought for those at the Tarfala mountain station who have been enjoying the autumn for over a week already.

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