Day-care rape suspect ‘was mentally ill’

Social services have ruled that a day-care intern charged with molesting 14 children in southern Sweden was "seriously mentally disturbed".

Day-care rape suspect 'was mentally ill'
Photo: TT

The 21-year-old man charged with aggravated sex crimes against children at a daycare in Högsby, Kalmar county, has already confessed to the charges, and called his internship there a "golden opportunity."

On Thursday a report from the Health and Human Services Department concluded that the man suffered serious psychiatric damage, both presently and at the time of the crimes.

Chief physician Eva-Marie Laurén added that there was also a risk that the man would relapse into serious criminal actions again even after care.

"The forensic psychiatric care should include a separate discharge on trial," the doctor wrote.

The man's internship began on January 27th, and he allegedly began sexually abusing the children at the day care the same day. His crimes were only unearthed on April 3rd, when a four-year-old went home and informed her parents about what had happened. 

Police confiscated just under 600 pictures and over 200 films from the man's computer. Around half of the images and films were deemed to be aggravated instances of child porn.

So far the parents of twelve children have submitted damages claims to the court. In total the man may have to pay up to 1.6 million kronor ($241,100) in compensation to the families. 

The man's trial will continue on Wednesday next week.