Swedes spend fortune on nail polish trend

Swedes spend fortune on nail polish trend
Photo: Bertil Ericson/TT
Swedes are spending more than ever on makeup - and a growing chunk is going directly to their fingernails, new figures showed on Friday.

Last year Swedes spent 4 billion kronor ($580.5 million) on makeup, analysis company Marketline revealed on Friday.

Indeed, makeup sales in the country have been increasing by about 8.5 percent annually for the past four years, while neighbouring Norway has only seen an annual increase of 4 percent during the same period. France meanwhile can only boast a 1.4 percent hike.

And while Swedish makeup-users drop the biggest chunk of cash on eye makeup, nails are becoming all the more important.

"Nail [products] have grown incredibly during the past four years," Jenni Österlund, Scandinavian director for cosmetic giant Sephora, told news agency TT. "It's only now starting to level out, it's still increasing by one or two percent each year."

Indeed, nail sales account for a whopping 10.9 percent of makeup sales in Sweden. 

Österlund said that nail care products are becoming more popular, but for the most part it's all about colour.

"Many people use nail polish to express themselves and even create small works of art on their nails," said Anja Skeppe Grahn, beauty director at Swedish magazines Veckorevyn and Syleby.

She added that one reason for the increase is simply that Sweden is behind.

"We are far from the international level," Grahn remarked. "An average woman in Japan uses 15 products in her daily routine, whereas in Sweden we only use three or four."

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