Ten false friends in the Swedish language

Never, ever take the Swedish language at face value. This is a language where "puss" means "kiss" and "kiss" means "pee". And that's just the beginning...

Ten false friends in the Swedish language
Photo: The Uppsala Koala
Swedish is a lovely language. Some call it a rich language, even. 
But one thing is for sure. There are some words that look very like English indeed but mean something completely different when you translate them. And some of them are quite rude. 
But whatever you do, don't just assume that because a word looks English that it is. If you do, you might find mythical beasts in your dinner, women's underwear where it doesn't belong, and pets in the obituary section of the paper.
If you figured out all those three, you're a language genius and our hats are off to you.
For all the rest of you, click here for the ten best false friends in the Swedish language. Warning, some are tiny bit naughty.
Oliver Gee

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