Most Swiss want Sweden to be next door

Most Swiss want Sweden to be next door
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Who said there were hard feelings between the oft-confused Swiss and Swedes? A new survey shows that Swiss people would rather have the land of Abba as their neighbour over anyone else in the EU.

If the Swiss could choose alternative European neighbours, 66 percent would pick Sweden first, a Swiss survey revealed on Thursday.

Sweden was also a top pick when it came to the question of which EU passport the Swiss would like to have, with 19 percent of Swiss people pining for Swedish citizenship.

The results showed that the Swiss had no hard feelings against the Swedes, despite Swedish authorities launching a campaign last year aiming to make it abundantly clear for the Chinese that Sweden and Switzerland are two very different countries.

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Perhaps the feeling of kinship arose from the two nations' shared affinity for peace – despite conflicts over fighter jet exports.

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