Day-care paedophile put in psychiatric care

A 21-year-old intern who was charged for 60 counts of molesting children at a pre-school has been put into psychiatric care-

Day-care paedophile put in psychiatric care
Photo: TT
He also told to pay damages of over 1 million kronor ($140,000).
The man had already confessed to the charges of aggravated sex crimes against children at a daycare in Högsby, Kalmar county, describing his internship there as a "golden opportunity."
Kalmar's District Court ruled that the man was not mentally sound, and therefore unfit for prison. 
He was convicted of several cases of aggravated child rape, aggravated sexual molestation to children, and aggravated child pornography crimes. 
The man's internship began in January this year and he allegedly began sexually abusing the children at the day care the same day.
His crimes were only unearthed in April, when a four-year-old went home and informed her parents about what had happened. 
Police confiscated just under 600 pictures and over 200 films from the man's computer. Around half of the images and movies were deemed to be examples of child porn.