Suspected serial rapist caught in west Sweden

Suspected serial rapist caught in west Sweden
Police in Hagfors have arrested a suspected sex attacker. Photo: TT
After a series of sexual attacks on women in the town of Hagfors, western Sweden, police have arrested a 22-year-old man.
Hagfors has been plagued by reports of sex attacks over the past six weeks. 
While it remains unknown if one person is behind all of the assaults, police arrested a 22-year-old man at the weekend who is suspected of a range of crimes including rape and attempted rape. 
The most recent case saw a woman raped in a local park last weekend, but there have also been complaints about a man allegedly peeping into windows and exposing himself in public. 
It remains unknown exactly how many of the cases the arrested man is suspected to be involved in, and local police have refused to comment on the matter.
The Aftonbladet newspaper reported last week that the town's residents have been on high alert, and that many young women are worried about going out.
"I feel like I want to move away, I don't feel safe," one young woman said.
"People here are angry and scared," said another. "It's terrible that one man can scare a whole community like this."