Swedish security system safety in question

Swedish security system safety in question
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Hackers could ‘easily’ unlock hundreds of buildings in Sweden including health centres, schools, grocery stores and nursing homes, it has been claimed.

I.T security systems used by many Swedish companies and organisations are weaker than they should be, according to an investigation by Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter,

The paper claims that with just a few mouse clicks, it is possible to gain access to supposedly locked buildings, fitted with security provided by Swedish firm Kabona.

It says that it took “seconds” for one of its newspaper reporters, accompanied by an expert in security systems, to get into a school and a church.

The investigation also suggests that lighting, heating and ventilation systems are easier to hack into than the Kabona security company has suggested to its customers.

“There could potentially be very serious consequences,” said Leif Nixon, safety coordinator at the National Supercomputer Centre at Linköping University, who helped with the investigation.

"The security is very poor,” he told the newspaper.

Dagens Nyheter said it had not broken the law during its investigation and had been given permission to test the security of several properties by their owners or managers.

Kjell Carlberg, President of Kabona, told the newspaper that his company would now review the security firm's systems.

But he pointed out that the investigation only focused on specific types of security systems and said that there were many other devices used by the company to help protect its customers.

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