One in four Swedes plan Christmas cutback

One in four Swedes plan Christmas cutback
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One in four Swedes hope to cut back on Christmas expenses, according to a new survey, while retail trade groups expect another record year for Yuletide consumption.
While Christmas remains a while off, the first snow has fallen in Stockholm and stores are readying for the seasonal rush. Meanwhile roughly one in four Swedes have stated that they are trying to cut down on Christmas celebrations, according to recent statistics.
Retail groups however doubt whether abstinence will in fact reign in Swedish living rooms when it comes to the crunch.
"With the benefit of hindsight, we know that Christmas sales in 2013, like most years, and probably even this year, hit a record. The fact that households are aiming to reduce purchases does not mean they actually will," said Lisa Burden at retail trade organization Svensk Handel.
According to the organization's survey almost 25 percent of Swedes said that they planned to buy fewer Christmas presents, less Christmas food and less Christmas decorations. Around one in ten Just about every tenth revealed plans to increase expenditure on Christmas celebrations.
Regardless of whether plans to cut back are realized or not it is unlikely that cupboards and Christmas trees will be bare on Christmas Eve with a further survey indicating that Swedes fork out an average of 2,881 kronor ($390) on presents. Total expenditure is forecast to top 18.5 billion kronor.
Only three percent of respondents responded that they would not buy any Christmas presents at all.
This year's Christmas, just like last year, has been kind to employees with the calendar affording them a long holiday.
According to the survey a mere four percent of respondents responded that would not be celebrating Christmas at home.

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