Elderly woman lay dead in flat for two years

A woman who was found dead in her southern Sweden apartment is believed to have been dead for at least two years.

Elderly woman lay dead in flat for two years
Police said the find was "tragic". Photo: TT
The elderly woman was found when workers came to investigate damp walls in her building in Kalmar.
When they couldn't get in contact with the woman, who was in her seventies, they contacted the Debt Collection Agency who gave them permission to enter the flat. 
Inside, they found the woman was dead and suggested that she had been left there untouched for over two years.
"It's terribly tragic that this can happen to someone," a spokesperson for Värmland police Tommy Lindh told a local newspaper. 
Neighbours reported that they hadn't seen the woman "for a very long time". Her bills were paid by direct debit, meaning authorities had no reason to check in on her.  
Last year, a Stockholm man was found dead in his apartment two years after he had died.

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