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Ice Music taps Texas troubadour for new tunes

Ice Music taps Texas troubadour for new tunes
A scene from a 2014 Ice Music concert in Luleå. Photo: Graeme Richardson/Swedish Lapland
The world's "coolest concert" is set for a Texas twist in 2015 when Luleå's innovative Ice Music welcomes American musical talent from Austin, home of the South By Southwest (SXSW) music festival.

“Musicians from Luleå and Austin will work together in the ice concert hall to create some fantastic new music,” Austin-based singer-songwriter Troy Campbell said.

Last year, music fans the world over turned their eyes to Luleå in Swedish Lapland for the inaugural series of Ice Music concerts featuring instruments made of ice and played in a giant igloo big enough to hold more than 150 spectators.

The concerts with a Texas twist will take place in February

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Campbell is a staple on the bustling music scene in Austin, home of the famed South By Southwest (SXSW) music festival. His involvement with Ice Music comes via House of Songs, a songwriting collaborative he founded in Denmark in 2009.

With Campbell on board, the project now has stronger ties to SXSW, America's largest music festival, which will help raise Ice Music’s profile among more world famous musicians.

In addition, American percussionist Michael Blair will serve as co-musical director for the upcoming Ice Music songwriting workshop. Blair, who currently lives in Stockholm, has played with musical legends Tom Waits and Lou Reed and is one of Campbell’s partners in House of Songs.

Troy Campbell (l) with Ice Music co-founder Tim Linhart (r). Photo: Ice Music

Ice Music co-founder and producer Birgitta Linhart expressed optimism about the new House of Songs collaboration.

“The future holds many great opportunities and I look forward to experiencing how the voice of ice affects the newly written music,” she said in a statement.

IN PICTURES: Ice Music instruments and last year’s igloo

Topping the massive publicity generated from last year’s Ice Music concerts won’t be easy, but Ice Music co-founder Tim Linhart believes adding some American musicians to the mix will help take Ice Music to the next level in 2015.

“Last year we promised publicity, and it went much better than expected. Together we’ve really put Luleå and Swedish Lapland on the map, and we expect to continue developing things in that direction,” he added.

The far-reaching benefits of featuring American musical influences for Ice Music 2015 haven’t escaped officials with Luleå municipality, who helped fund the project as part of the city’s recently established partnership with Austin.

“Ice Music represents an entirely new approach to music in our winter landscape,” said Luleå Deputy Mayor Niklas Nordström.

“It means a lot when skilled entrepreneurs do things that help the city stand out. Ice Music is at the cutting edge of culture and innovation, and I hope both residents and tourists come to see it this year. It’s not something you can experience anywhere else.”

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