Controversial Swedish street artist attacked

Controversial Swedish street artist attacked
Dan Park. Photo: TT
Malmö-based street artist Dan Park was assaulted in Copenhagen on New Year's Day, it has emerged.
Controversial Swedish street artist Dan Park was attacked in Copenhagen on January 1st, the provocateur wrote on Facebook on Sunday.
“The New Year sure started well, was attacked of six masked ‘anti-fascists’ on Jagtvej, Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Clearly not everyone in Denmark likes my work,” Park wrote. 
Copenhagen Police confirmed the attack and said that if it can be proven to be a result of Park’s provocative artwork it could lead to tougher penalties for the attackers. 
Speaking to Scandinavian television network TV2, Park said: “I was suddenly attacked with various punches and yelling before they took off. I think it is because of my art. I have been in the media quite a bit".
Nine pieces of artwork that landed Park in a Swedish jail and that were ordered to be destroyed by Swedish authorities were displayed in Copenhagen in a showing organized by the Danish Free Press Society (Trykkefrihedsselskabet).
Prior to the showing in a murky Østerbro basement, Park's banned works were also shown at a swank reception in Christiansborg, the Danish parliament building. 

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