Snow set to cover entire country on Thursday

Snow set to cover entire country on Thursday
Snow fell in Stockholm last weekend. Photo: The Local
Heavy snowfall is expected across most of Sweden on Thursday, although it will be followed by milder temperatures in the south at the weekend.

Forecasters say that a wave of low pressure is set to bring snow to southern Sweden on Thursday afternoon, with the weather moving to central and northern Sweden by Friday.

Almost the entire country can expect several centimetres of snow. Only on the Götaland coast is it expected that the snow will turn to rain or sleet.

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But with mild temperatures expected to follow the snow in southern and central Sweden, including Stockholm, meteorologists have warned people to prepare of slushy and icy conditions later in the week.

“It could get very slippery both when the snow comes and when it melts away afterwards,” said SVT’s forecaster Åsa Rasmussen on Wednesday.

Those living in the south of the country will have to jump on a train or in a car and head further north, if they wish to go skiing or sledging this weekend.