Swedish 50-year-old evicted for ‘loud’ sex

Swedish 50-year-old evicted for 'loud' sex
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A woman in west Sweden has been evicted from her apartment for playing loud music and making too much noise when she had sex.

According to neighbours speaking to the local newspaper in Skaraborgs (Skaraborgs Läna Tidning), the woman, 50,  was a quiet neighbour until she met a man last year.

But in 2014, sixteen “disturbances” were reported to the landlord, the paper writes.

People living in the neighbourhood testified at a rent tribunal, giving statements such as: “we can hear them when they have sex and are playing loud music” and "we need to sleep in order to take care of our jobs and have had to use earplugs.”

They had to give further evidence after the woman took her case to the Court of Appeal.

The newspaper writes that the “worst night” was in April, when a neighbour who was tired of listening to the woman having sex shouted through the wall and tried to get her to be quieter.

But the couple apparently continued what they were doing while banging on the wall.

The case has now been settled, with the appeal court siding with the neighbours and the landlord.

The woman has been told to vacate the property by March 16th 2015.