Swede reports own son to police after party

Swede reports own son to police after party
Beer cans. Photo: Matt Watson/Creative Commons
Few get through their teens without holding an illicit house party while their parents are away for the night. But it’s pretty rare for their father to then report them to the police.
A man in Örnsköldsvik, northern Sweden, on Saturday evening filed formal charges against his son after a party held without permission on Friday night ran out of control. 
As frequently happens in these cases, Friday night's revelry left a fair amount of damage. What was more unusual was the way the son attempted to hide it. 
“For some reason, he chose to break into the house himself so that he could claim there had been a burglary, hiding the fact that he had had a party," the local Västernorrland police reported on their website.  
“The police who came there concluded that there had been no break in, and it eventually came out that he had done it himself,” Helena Lockner from the local police told TT newswire. 
When the father came back on Saturday night and heard what had happened, he was so angry that he reported his son to the police for vandalism.