Boost for Swedish fashion industry abroad

Swedish fashion remains on trend abroad, with exports rising by nearly seven percent last year according to a new report.

Boost for Swedish fashion industry abroad
Cos is one Swedish fashion brand doing well abroad. Photo: TT
Sales for the Swedish fashion industry amounted to 237 billion kronor in 2013, with exports accounting for 62 percent of that, figures released by the Association of Swedish Fashion Brands (ASFB) revealed on Monday.
"Many of our Swedish fashion brands are well established in Sweden and have a rather sober view of how much growth there can be here. They look increasingly outside Sweden, and while e-commerce is increasing, that opens up the global market," Emma Ohlson from the group told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.
The success of Sweden's fashion industry abroad contrasts with a dip of 0.2 percent across the country's export industry.
"We offer accessible designs and we deliver very affordable products," Maj-La Pizzelli, founder of the shoe company ATP Atelier, one Swedish brand that is becoming increasingly popular abroad told the newspaper.
"You first need to succeed in your home market in order to succeed in your export market," she added.
Other Swedish clothing companies that are performing well include Acne, Cheap Monday, Filippa K and Björn Borg, alongside Swedish superbrand H&M, which also owns Cos and & Other Stories.
Despite what appears to be a growing appetite for Swedish fashion abroad, it is too soon to predict the industry's total export figures for 2014.
But according to Emma Ohlson, a "double-digit" percentage increase is possible — something that she says the fashion industry would be "very happy with".
Stockholm Fashion week is set to take place next week, with both major and emerging brands showcasing pieces from their autumn/winter collections.


Uniqlo confirms August opening of first Swedish store

Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo confirmed it will open its first Swedish store at the end of August 2018.

Uniqlo confirms August opening of first Swedish store

The popular fast fashion brand announced in January that it will be entering the Swedish market with a Stockholm branch, but remained coy about the details. Sweden's fashion fanatics reacted with excitement to the news that they would be getting the first Uniqlo store in the Nordics.

IN PICTURES: Uniqlo to open first Scandinavian store in Stockholm

On Tuesday Uniqlo finally divulged the launch date of the shop, set to open doors at Hamngatan near the Kungsträdgården park on August 24th.

It will occupy the Sverigehuset building, built in the 1960s as the final project of modernist Swedish architect Sven Markelius, and the shop will “pay tribute to Markelius by exhibiting some chosen examples of his work” according to the company.

The opening will make Sweden only the seventh European country to boast a Uniqlo store.