Catcam busts Swedish burglars in Norrköping

A Swedish woman keeping an eye on her cats via a webcam in her apartment caught burglars in the act on Wednesday and tipped off the police, who arrested them.

Catcam busts Swedish burglars in Norrköping
A CCTV camera like this one caught the thieves. Photo: TT

Police in Norrköping south of the capital Stockholm said they were warned by a resident who had spotted two intruders in her home unaware of the fact that they were being filmed.

The woman noticed the alleged thieves in images sent to a mobile device that she normally used to remotely look after her cats.

"Three minutes after the alert the first police patrol had arrested two suspects who were about to leave the crime scene," the police wrote in a statement.

The two officers then discovered that another break-in had taken place in the same building.

"How the cats are doing is not yet clear from the investigation," the police added.