Sweden heading for coldest weekend of 2015

It's only Tuesday, but meteorologists are already warning that the weekend could the coldest this year, with temperatures dipping below -10C in the south of the country.

Bitter conditions are sweeping across large swathes of northern Europe this week, with Sweden warned to brace itself for heavy snow and thick ice over the weekend.
Weather forecasters are warning people to dig out their warmest winter clothes in time for the cold snap.
Meteorologists at Swedish weather agency Foreca are predicting "unstable weather", with heavy rainfall and big temperature swings in the coming days.
By Saturday, temperatures are expected to drop dramatically.
"It will be coldest at night and when the weather is clear," Christopher Hallgren, a meteorologist from Foreca told Sweden's Metro newspaper on Tuesday.
On Sunday, temperatures could dip to below -10C during the day in Svealand, northern Götaland and parts of northern Sweden.
Meanwhile overnight temperatures could drop as low as -25C in some areas ahead of the weekend, with central Norrland likely to experience the coldest weather on Wednesday.
Sweden has so far had less snow this winter than is typical for the country at this time of year.
But there have been several weather warnings and snow and ice have led to serious accidents in some areas.
Last week, a crash between two trucks just outside Örebro in central Sweden left one person dead and forced an ambulance and a fire engine off the road.