Sweden braced for fresh barrage of thick snow

Large swathes of northern and eastern Sweden were preparing for a further dump of snow on Sunday, with the country’s national forecaster warning that some areas could see as much as 30cm.

National forecaster SMHI has now extended class one weather warnings to nine regions, from Lapland in the far north all the way down the east coast to Stockholm county, which is expected to see up to 20cm of snow on Sunday evening. 
“In connection with the low pressure, we will have widespread snowfall over large parts of the country,” Mattias Burtu, a meteorologist at  SMHI told Aftonbladet. “We’re going to have the same kind of weather on Sunday which we had on Saturday.” 
Much of northern and eastern Sweden is still struggling to cope with the 80cm dump received over the last four days, with power outages in parts of Norbotten, a drunken women hospitalised with hypothermia after falling into a deep snow drift in Piteå, and string of car accidents, with one car crash, near Vasterås, hospitalising two children and two adults. 
The Swedish Transport Authority on Sunday warned that roads will be icy as far south as Skåne
According to SMHI, the snowfall is not expected to stop until well into next week, when temperatures will drop dramatically, hitting -30 in the far north and -10 from Stockholm to the south.